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Who are we?

We are Gabriella and Alexis. Two seniors in their field that decided to join forces in order to help small and medium companies go online and strive in their industry.

Alexis Alfroy

Alexis Alfroy

Alexis is the expert in everything related to SEO, content, and ads management. His role involves a lot of data analysis, copywriting and finding new ideas to reach new customers or beat the biggers guys. 

Gabriella Alfroy

Gabriella is the expert in everything related to design and visuals. Her role is mostly to deliver stellar, fast and robust websites. She is also involved in crafting visually appealing ads creatives and concepts along with programming work that is sometimes required to run a website.

Gabriella Mukti Andhari

Our Approach

(Almost) all industries can strive online

Few industries will resist the digitisation wave that is happening without going online. Whether you want to find new leads, sell your products or highlight your stores, digital marketing can bring you various ways to reach your objectives.

Even better, the internet is a world where small and clever players regularly beat the heavyweight of their industry.

We build marketing ecosystems

Marketing is somehow very similar to an ecosystem. It requires a lot of energy to start, but once it’s on, there is a certain inertia settling in that compounds all the efforts you put in.

A customer journey is a complex process. Some are in your control, some are not. But if you start on the right track, you can build a great marketing system that works with minimal maintenance and costs.

Everything needs to be tested

Online and offline are two very different worlds. Our clients that had offline businesses for years are usually surprised to see how different their customers are acting online.

Your best sellers might change, your targeted customers might change and you might need to adapt a lot if you want to make your business profitable. The proof is in the pudding. The only way to know what works is to test.

Each channel needs a metric

Digital marketing can quickly become complex when many channels are involved. To cut down the complexity, it’s important to give strategic metrics or KPI to each channel and to compare them with your overall marketing / business objectives.

We are always transparent about metrics used for each marketing discipline and let you know in advance what a success or a failure looks like.

How we work


What is yours is yours

We are in the growth business, not in the hostage business.

We do not hold any of your assets. You own your domain name, your hosting provider, your ad accounts, your analytic tools and so on.

If for some reason you want to stop working with us, you are free to do so and use everything we built and set up for you.


100% remote

We only work remotely. We accept people from all over the world, even if they are in a very different time zone.

We are used to working with very little guidance and interaction, and we love it that way. If you are not the micromanaging type and like when things run on autopilot, then you’ll love working with us too.

It’s just our 2 faces

Gabriella Profile IllustrationAlexis Profile Illustration

You don’t like marketing agencies? We do not like them either!

We are simply 2 freelancers working together to join forces.

We do not delegate our work to an underpaid intern, we don’t have junior managers running around with no idea of what they are talking about and we do not outsource to the third world and pocket the margin.

The process is much simpler. You talk to us only. We are the ones responsible for strategies and execution. Zero miscommunication.
If we need a specialised profile to help us on a project, we’ll always request you first.


24/7 Access to our progress

Working online forces us to communicate in efficient ways.

We have conceived our own system on the infrastructure so that you can have access whenever you like to the current progress of your projects. We can even communicate directly within the tool on the task you want to talk about.


No surprising invoices

You don’t like surprising large bills, we don’t like clients that leave with our work without paying us. This is why we implemented a very simple monthly billing system that secures both of us.

At the beginning of each month, you receive an estimate of the missions (achievable deliverables) that are planned for this month. If you approve, then we start to work on it. At the end of the month, you pay what was agreed on the estimate, or less if we didn’t have time to finish something.

In the rare occurrence that a task or a mission runs into a lot of problems or delays, you’ll be the first one informed. Again, no surprises.

Who do we work with

Lead generation SME

Lead generation SME are usually a great fit with our services. We can help them design a website that they need to attract their leads. We can also leverage the different e-marketing channels available (SEO content, Google Ads, Facebook Ads…) to get them new leads or try new markets.


We like to work with e-commerce. We actually both spent almost 10 years in the retail industry. We can help ecommerce find new audiences, new products, get the best bang for their buck with their campaigns or simply get started with a fast ecommerce store.

Any business with the desire to grow

We work with all sorts of businesses that have a strong desire to grow. If you want to be the leader of a niche, compete online with a big player on the market or expand your services to new areas, then welcome on board.
Free Consultation

Why you should NOT work with us

Let’s not waste each other's time. We are nice people (source: our mums) but we don’t (have the time to) work with everybody.

If you are among the following profiles, then we are probably not a great fit. Somebody else might be!

You are allergic to numbers

Digital marketing is a world of data. If you don’t like numbers, you can’t really do digital marketing properly. Gut feelings can give you intuitions and ideas, but decisions and results should ultimately be based on data.

Metrics, numbers and stats are a type of language. If we don’t speak the same language, it might quickly become an issue.

You can’t work remotely

We only work 100% remotely.

If you can’t stand the idea of not having constant meetings to discuss everything, then things won’t work between us.

Working online requires more organisation than working offline, especially when different time zones are involved. Our project management tools, emails and a few Google Meet a month to give you reports are more than enough to ensure your needs are satisfied.

You don’t know what you want

Picking a direction for a business is challenging. No small business can easily predict where they’ll be in 10 years from now.

Pivoting is OK, but it can’t be every 2 minutes. Most digital marketing projects need a bit of consistency and efforts to be put in place, achieve results or reach conclusions. If you don’t have any direction yet, it will be hard for us to help you out.

You are not willing to change anything

The data provided by digital marketing campaigns and tracking can bring you a variety of input. Some might be very obvious, some might not, some might challenge what you think or thought you knew about your business.

You might receive interesting information about a new type of customer, a type of product or service people are looking for or simply a hurdle that prevents some people from being your customer.

It’s important to keep an open mind when you run campaigns. If you think you know everything because you’ve been doing it for 40 years, you might actually be missing out a lot.

You expect magic results overnight

Digital marketing is not magic. You can’t just press a button and expect results the next day.

The process is actually very similar to sports. If you want to be a top level athlete, start with taking care of yourself, then hire a good coach that can pave the way for you and bring you where you want to be. Then train consistently under his supervision!

Can results happen overnight? Yes, sometimes. Will failures happen? Quite likely, but you won’t do them twice. Will it be easy? Probably not every day. Will it require work? Certainly.

Not all experiments will succeed. Success is the consequence of a process, not an event.

You don’t have the means of your ambitions

The willingness to grow is great, but is rarely enough. In digital marketing, it usually either costs you time, money, or both.

If you don’t have the financial means that fits your ambitions, then you will rarely be able to reach your goals. There aren’t many markets that you can conquer with a monthly 50$ ads budget without putting a lot of hours into it.

We can find ways to give you the best bang for your buck, but we can’t make miracles either.

Free Consultation
Main Services

Our Main Services

Here are the main services that we offer. If you don’t find what you are looking for here, feel free to contact us and to let us know your needs.

Digital marketing strategy and consulting

We help you create the perfect marketing strategy thanks to our following services.

Audit of your current situation

You might not be sure of how good you really are at the moment. We can have a quick or deep look at your set up and let you know what might be improved.

Tracking Implementation

Good tracking is absolutely essential for every single online business. If you have a tracking set up that you are not sure of, we can have a look at it. If you don’t have any tracking yet, that is obviously blasphemy but we can fix that.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a great way to know what your customers are really looking for (and not what you think they are looking for). An in depth keyword research can be the groundwork for a LOT of things: website structure and sitemap, Search Engine Advertisement (SEA) campaigns or a SEO content plan.

Competition Analysis

Competition analysis and benchmark is sometimes required to know where you stand and how you should market yourself. It’s also a great way to spy strategies and channels that work for the competition.

Web Design

We like websites that are beautiful, light and FAST.

Oxygen Builder built website

If you don’t have a website yet, we can build you one on WordPress with the Oxygen Builder. Oxygen is great to have a fast and beautiful website. Combined with e-marketing, there is no reason your SEO or Ads don’t perform.

Website redesign

If you have a website that you are not really satisfied with, we can help you redesign it. You can use Oxygen for performances, or a builder of your choice is you already have one.

SEO: Search Engine Optimisation

Organic traffic is the holy grail of Digital Marketing, but also the one that requires the most work and patience.

SEO-friendly structure

Having a SEO-friendly structure or sitemap is very important for your future results. Everything else you do will be a lot easier if you start on the right foot.

SEO Content Plan

A SEO content plan is a document that gives you content you should be writing about, along with the keywords you should target. Everything is ordered by priority so that you go to the essential.

SEO Blog post writing

Writing isn’t an easy skill to master. Properly written blog posts will engage your audience a lot more than the ones that are not.

Ads: Google, Facebook & Co

Ads are still a great way to get results as fast as possible across different channels. Here are some of the things we can do for ads.

Google Ads campaigns

We can set up and manage your Google Ads campaigns, including Search campaigns, Display campaigns, Shopping campaigns or the Performance Max campaigns.

Facebook Ads campaigns

Facebook ads can be leveraged in numerous ways, from remarketing to cold acquisition. We can set up and manage your campaigns from A to Z.

Ads Creative design

Regardless of your channel, ad creatives are an important part of the success of your ads. We can design appealing ads for all your campaigns needs.

Landing page design

Landing pages can be required for different reasons: get ads running on a website that isn’t ready, try a new audience or try a new product. We can design landing pages for all your campaigns.

Market Testing

Paid ads are a great way to test a new market or a new product, without investing heavily in the R&D, in manufacturing or in the operational aspect.

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