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A competition analysis is an obvious step for offline marketing, yet many forget that it can also be very useful for digital marketing projects.

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What is a competition analysis?

A competition analysis is simply a comparison between you and your competitors. It is also known as competition benchmarking.

In digital marketing, a competition analysis is similar to one you could do offline, except that it focuses on digital assets. It can compare you and your competitors on SEO metrics, on ads that are running or simply on the different channels that they use.

Who needs a competition analysis?

Everybody should do a competition analysis once in a while, especially when you are starting a new business or a new website.

A competition analysis can be particularly useful when you are deciding your digital marketing objectives, your budget or other resources allocation.

Why is a competition benchmark important?

A competition benchmark is important in digital marketing because your competition offline isn’t going to be necessarily the same as your competition online. The heavyweight of your industry could actually be pretty weak online, leaving gaps that you might exploit.

On the other hand, you could see some up and coming competitors that are not huge yet offline but are starting to take 'online market shares'.

What are the prerequisites to start a competition analysis?

A competition analysis doesn’t need any prerequisites from you except a few names of your competitors you’d like us to have a look at. Maybe they will be your online competitors too, maybe not.

What is the usual timeframe to get a competition analysis?

You can receive your competition benchmark in a few days after your order if you only want to check out a limited number of competitors (max 3).

It can be longer if you want to have a look at many competitors, if your industry is complex or if you have very specific items you want us to check.

How to judge the quality of a competition analysis you received?

A competition analysis should give you a good idea of the online landscape of your industry.

If you think you can start making steps towards a strategy thanks to a competition benchmark, then it’s been fruitful!

How much does a competition analysis cost?

A simple competition analysis with maximum 3 competitors of your choice (and other relevant ones we might find) starts at 300 USD.

Contact us for specific benchmarks or if you want to have more competitors in your benchmark.

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