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Facebook and instagram ads campaigns have been very popular and it’s easy to see why. When run the right way, facebook ads can help you reach a high number of people and bring sales or leads in a relatively short time.

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What is a facebook or instagram ads campaign?

If you are familiar with Facebook or its cousin Instagram, then you know that ads are sometimes appearing in your feeds, in your story or in other places on these platforms.

These ads are rarely targeting you for no reason. More often than not, a marketer defined an audience he would like to target and set up ads in Facebook or Instagram to reach this audience. If you see these ads, it means you are in one or several of these audiences.
To simplify, we can divide Facebook & Instagram ads campaigns into two big categories:
  • Cold Acquisition campaigns: designed to reach new audiences
  • Remarketing campaigns: designed to retarget audiences that already interacted with you
  • Who needs a Facebook ads campaign?

    Many companies can benefit from Facebook or Instagram ads campaigns.

    E-commerce are usually the ones that need the most Instagram and Facebook ads campaigns. It is especially true for “visual” businesses and brands. Most of the time, it is a main channel of “cold acquisition”.

    Lead generation businesses can also benefit greatly from Facebook ads campaigns. It can be especially powerful to retarget people who clicked on your Google Ads or visited your website.

    So, not every company needs cold acquisition campaigns but plenty of business objectives can be achieved with well designed and clever Facebook campaigns.

    Why are Facebook or Instagram ads campaigns important?

    The average human spends on average 147 minutes a day on social media, and half of that time is spread between Facebook and Instagram. So on average, a full hour of someone’s mind is focused on content popping up in his feed, which could include your ads.

    A customer journey is not linear. There are multiple, complex and quite unpredictable ways one can take between the moment someone realises he has a problem and the time you call him/her a client. This process involves a lot of interactions that we call “touchpoints”.

    Facebook and Instagram ads are very important because they take care of giving your targets these numerous touchpoints on their way of becoming your client.

    What are the prerequisites to start a Facebook or Instagram ads campaign?

    Running a good Facebook or Instagram campaign requires a few things:
  • A fully set up Facebook Business account
  • A Facebook Pixel tracking your conversion, linked to all analytics tools
  • Nice edited photos with your advertising message or your logo
  • Nice edited videos with your logo, your offer and subtitles
  • How long does it take to implement a Facebook ads campaign?

    Setting up a campaign isn’t a very long process in itself, and can usually be done in a few hours for most campaigns.

    However, finding, editing and finalising ad creatives, whether it’s photos or videos, can take a bit more time, especially if you want to try many different concepts.

    If you don’t have a properly configured Facebook Business account, which includes having your pages / instagram accounts in it, a fully set up facebook pixel and so on, this can also make the process a bit longer.

    Friendly reminder: Facebook/Instagram ads (but also Google ads), run with algorithms that you optimise through the info you send them thanks to your tracking. Even if setting up a Facebook business account or tracking isn’t exactly fun, it’s absolutely mandatory if you want to perform.

    What metric is used to judge the success or failure of a Facebook/Instagram ads campaign?

    Several metrics can be used to measure the success or the failure of a Facebook / Instagram campaign:
  • Cost per Lead / Cost per Acquisition for lead generation
  • Cost per Sale / Cost per new customer for e-commerce
  • Clicks or traffic for awareness campaigns
  • Another way to calculate simply the success of your digital marketing efforts is simply to calculate the Return On Ads Spend (ROAS) on all ads running across all channels. That way, you have a financial overview without getting into attribution models issues that can quickly become complex.

    More advanced businesses that already know their Lifetime Value (LTV) or their Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) can also determine a maximum cost per acquisition / lead to make sure their Facebook / Instagram campaigns fit into their business model.

    How much does a Facebook/Instagram ads campaign cost?

    The cost of a Facebook or Instagram campaign depends on:
  • The creatives you can (or not) send us
  • Whether or not we have to set up your Facebook Business account/Pixel
  • The scope of your campaign
  • Your ad budget
  • The set up is usually fixed and based on your needs to get ready to launch. The management is a 100% transparent fee that only depends on your ad budget.

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