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In the world of Search Engine Advertising (SEA), Google ads is the biggest player and the only one most companies need to focus their efforts on. Managing ads is a job on its own, and you should always prefer using professionals to manage them if your objective is to be profitable.

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What are Google Ads campaigns?

You are probably already familiar with the search engine Google and how quick it can bring you the results you were looking for.

Google Ads are simply the ads that are running on Google, their network, and their partners.

Google Ads are usually famous for their Search Ads campaigns, meaning the small text ads you see above search results. But they have plenty of different campaign types ranging from Expanded Text Ads to Display ads with 3rd party sites, Youtube ads, Google shopping ads and more.

Regardless of your objectives, there is always a campaign type in the Google Ads catalog that can help you reach them.

Who needs Google Ads campaigns?

Almost everybody needs Google Ads campaigns. They can give you quick results and bring you a lot of valuable information for your business or your future SEO efforts.

Google Ads cater to many different businesses, of all sizes, and can reach customers that are in different positions in your marketing funnel.

Search campaigns are great to have quick results and capture the bottom of your marketing funnel if you are a lead generation business, a service provider or even an e-commerce.

Shopping campaigns can be very effective for e-commerce, especially if you are selling branded products or some items that can be easily identified.

Display ads can do wonders for your brand awareness or as a remarketing tool.

Youtube Ads can also be very efficient for some businesses where teaching or “showing” the product will help sell it.

Why are Google Ads campaigns important?

Ranking organically, meaning having a good SEO, takes time. If you don’t have that time and need immediate results that can help the cash flow now (or at least very soon), nothing really beats Google Ads.

Google ads are a great way to get your company discovered. In a classic customer journey, Google Ads are quite often the first interaction point between you and your (future) customers.

Whether you are into lead generation or e-commerce, the best thing you can do with your Google Ads campaign is to try to capture your audience that you know is looking for what you have to offer and retarget them later on through different channels: emailing campaigns, display ads, facebook / instagram ads and so on.

What are the prerequisites to start a Google Ad campaign?

To start a Google Ads campaigns, few things need to be done first:
  • Keyword research has to be finished. This is mandatory to know which keywords you are going to bid on, but also to organise your account in a logical and scalable way.
  • Google Ads account needs to be fully set up (including conversion tracking). Google Tag Manager / Analytics might need to be fully set up as well.
  • You need proper landing pages that are relevant to what you are bidding on. Ideally, these landing pages should have something to capture leads or ways to remarket your visitors.
  • What is the usual timeframe to implement a Google Ad campaign?

    Simplest Google Ads campaigns that do not require extensive keyword research, long account set ups and complicated structure can be launched within a few days depending on how busy we are.

    Complicated industries, multiple campaigns launches, Google Ads / Analytics / Tag Manager account set up or the need to create landing pages can make this process much longer.

    What metric is used to judge the success or failure of Google Ads campaigns?

    The generic answer for all kinds of ads is to have a look at your Return On Ads Spend, or ROAS. To calculate this very simply, you can take all your income generated online and divide it by your ad budget:
  • > 1 = you are profitable (the higher the better!)
  • = 1 you are breaking even
  • < 1 you are losing money
  • This won’t tell you which channel or campaign is working the best, but at least you’ll know if you are heading in the right direction, with minimal headache.

    At a campaign level, it’s best to have a look at your campaign objectives to make decision:
  • Number of Leads / Cost per Lead for lead generation business
  • Number of sales / Cost per Acquisition for e-commerce
  • Clicks / traffic when you are running awareness campaigns
  • More advanced businesses that know their Lifetime Value (LTV) or their Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) can also determine a maximum cost per acquisition / lead.

    How much does a google ads campaign management cost?

    A Google Ads campaign management cost varies depending on several factors: the complexity of the industry or the campaign, the ads budget to manage and the need or not to set up the account.

    Usually, a fixed fee for the setup is required. Then a transparent monthly fee is applied depending on your budget (Min monthly ad spend is 1000 USD or equivalent).

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