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Keyword research is more often than not a vital process of a sound digital marketing project. Good keyword research will bring you a long way and avoid a lot of troubles down the road.

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What is keyword research?

Keyword research is a process of researching keywords that are related to your business or your objectives.

You might think that you already know what your customers are searching and how they find you, but it’s actually rarely the case.

Keyword research has the objective of mapping all sorts of queries that your customers or your target usually use so that you can organise your website and speak to them in a logical manner.

Who usually needs keyword research?

Almost everybody should do keyword research at least once to be sure they are not missing opportunities.

The ones that absolutely need keyword research before moving further include:
  • Businesses preparing a PPC ad campaign in Google Ads (that are almost all keyword-based)
  • Companies that want to start SEO content through blog posts
  • Websites that need redesign and/or change in their structure
  • Why is keyword research so important?

    You can think of keyword research as the foundation of your marketing strategy.

    If you don’t have a website yet, keyword research will allow you to organise your website based on what your ideal customers are looking for. It will not only give you an edge in search results, but it will also help users navigate your website intuitively.

    Keyword research is also the base to identify opportunities and create a real content plan of articles that need to be written to take over your industry.

    Even if you are running a social media campaign, an emailing campaign or simply posting organically on social networks, it’s not a bad idea to do a quick keyword research to make sure you speak in your audience's language.

    What are the prerequisites to start keyword research?

    The only thing required to start keyword research is to have a precise idea of your services.

    It also doesn’t hurt to know what your capabilities are and to keep an open mind. Sometimes, great opportunities emerge from keyword research and you might adapt your offer or services based on its results.

    What is the usual timeframe to finish keyword research?

    The time required to finish a keyword research highly depends on the complexity of the research.

    For e-commerce, it can sometimes be rather short when people look for products with the same patterns. This can also be the case for lead generation businesses.

    In some very technical industries, the keyword research process can be more tedious as the vocabulary used to find your products or services might vary widely or be easily confused with others which can make the mapping complicated.

    Generally, we can finish the keyword research within a few days after your order.

    What metric is used to judge the success or failure of a keyword research?

    The metric to use the success or the failure of the keyword research is on different channels depending on what you focused on.

    A great cost per lead or a great cost per acquisition could be a good metric of a successful keyword research in the context of an SEA campaign.

    Improvement in organic traffic, impressions or positions are also indicators of good keyword research if its results have been applied to SEO.

    How much does keyword research cost?

    Keyword research pricing depends on the complexity of the subject and what you intend to do with it.

    Simplest keyword research without content plan, change of structure proposal or sitemap starts at 200 USD.

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