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An SEO content plan is a strategic document that will pave the way of your SEO efforts and lead you to the heights of Google.

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What is an SEO content plan?

SEO-friendly content is key to get your website in the first page of Google and to generate organic traffic.

But finding the content to write that has a reasonable chance to rank in Google isn’t as easy or intuitive as it seems.

The SEO content plan is based on keyword research and is designed to make you rank in Google as fast as possible with minimal risk of wasting your time and money on articles that won’t rank.

Who needs an SEO content plan?

Anybody that wants to do proper SEO needs a SEO content plan.

Even if you want to do SEO on the slow side of things to reduce your monthly SEO budget, you should have a clear plan laid out that tells you exactly where to go.

Why is an SEO content plan important?

A good SEO content plan gives you all the ingredients you need to be as high as possible in Google. Once you have it, you “only” need to start writing what’s in it and within weeks you can expect to start having organic traffic.

The SEO plan gives you everything you need to know: keywords to target, volume of the queries and most importantly in which order you should write your content. That last point is very important since many new sites struggle with Google indexation and waste a lot of time writing articles that have zero chances of ranking with a new website.

The SEO content plan isn’t set in stone. But it’s going to be the backbone of your SEO efforts.

What are the prerequisites to start an SEO content plan?

The main prerequisite to start an SEO content plan is in-depth keyword research.

We actually usually sell them as a package as the SEO content plan is (one of) the natural consequence of a proper keyword research. You can’t do a content plan without an extended keyword research.

How long  does it take to create a SEO content plan?

Creating a proper SEO content plan is a process that can take a bit of time. Anywhere between 2-3 days to a week or two depending on the technicality of your industry and how busy we are.

First, keyword research needs to be performed, which can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on the industry’s complexity.

Then, keywords are grouped into different content ideas that can answer their main queries. This is a rather long process as well.

Finally, benchmark and analysis have to be performed to decide which content needs to be written first to give results ASAP and favour Google indexing.

What metric is used to judge the success or failure of an SEO content plan?

A successful content plan is a content plan that brings you to the highest possible level in Google on most of the content that has been written.

Expect to start to see the first results 2 months after the publication date of your articles and 6 months after to have a glimpse of their real performance.

How much does a SEO content plan cost?

Our SEO content plan, including keyword research, starts at 990 USD.

Of course, the SEO content plan is 100% yours. You are free to execute it with us or to bring it to a writer of your choice.

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