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Writing SEO-friendly blog posts that are informative, easy to read and ranking well in Google is not an easy task. Many companies think they can assign a sales rep, an intern or whomever is available to write posts, but they quickly find out that being successful and consistent at writing content is a job on its own.

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What is SEO-friendly post writing?

SEO-friendly posts are designed to inform your readers about questions they might have regarding your industry, your job or a problem they are currently facing.

An SEO-friendly blog post is very different than a normal article you might read in a newspaper or a social media post.

It is designed to be easily read by search engines, but also by your readers. It has to be both, or it won’t work.

Who needs SEO blog posts?

Most companies would benefit from SEO blog posts.

If you are in a “knowledge industry” where showing your expertise is important, SEO writing can help you stand out from the competition. If you are in a lead generation business, it can bring you leads organically without the need to spend on ads.

Even e-commerce websites sometimes have SEO blog posts opportunities that are rarely exploited.

Why is SEO-friendly post writing important?

SEO-friendly posts are very important in the overall SEO strategy, but they are also vital from pure marketing and organizational standpoints.

The marketing advantages of SEO-friendly content writing

A customer journey is usually complex and involves a lot of touchpoints before someone becomes your customer.

In a marketing (or sales) funnel, SEO-friendly blog posts tend to usually be on top of the funnel, at least for the most part.

A well written SEO article can therefore position your company at the earliest stage of a customer journey, even before he/she knows you exist or that is aware of his problem!

The more he reads about his problems, the potential solutions and how you come into this, the more educated he becomes. He is therefore less likely to make your sales team waste time and much more likely to be warm enough to convert.

In a marketing funnel, SEO-friendly articles simply bring your audience from the top to the bottom.

The SEO advantages of SEO-friendly content writing

SEO writing isn’t only good to educate your potential customers. It’s also good for your SEO in general and the likelihood of your website to be in top results.

Google uses a lot of different metrics to decide who is first, second or more on a given query. One of these very important metrics is called the “authority score” which basically translates how authoritative you are on a given subject.

If you write extensively on a specific topic, you will naturally be more authoritative on this subject. You are more likely to have people citing you, linking to your website and so on. In turn, the more popular and knowledgeable you are to Google, the higher you are going to rank.

Therefore, even if you don’t seem to be in an industry where educating your audience seems obvious, targeted SEO-friendly content can still help your overall website to perform better.

What are the prerequisites to start writing SEO articles?

Like many SEO processes, it all starts with proper keyword research.

We highly recommend to the ones who want to start writing SEO articles to have an extensive SEO content plan as well, so that they have a good batch to start with.

It is of course possible to write an article alone with a simple mini keyword research only, but it’s usually more interesting to have pre-made batches to stay consistent.

What is the usual timeframe to write one SEO-friendly blog post?

One SEO-friendly blog post usually involves some level of research (even if you have a SEO content plan), the writing of the article in itself and its integration on the website. The 3 combined rarely take less than 3 hours, as SEO articles are usually quite long.

For more complex subjects or more competitive topics, the time frame can be much longer as it involves a lot of research, longer articles or more communication.

What metric is used to judge the success or failure of a SEO blog post?

For most posts, the main metric is how much organic traffic it brings you. For an educational post high in your acquisition funnel, then the higher the traffic the better.

For the posts that are lower in your acquisition funnel, meaning the ones that target people a bit more likely to convert, the traffic can be used as well as a metric but keep in mind that search volumes are usually much lower. Conversion (new lead, new sale, contact…) are then a relevant metric to include.

An SEO article that failed is quite simple to spot: it is not indexed at all by Google, it doesn’t receive traffic and doesn’t convert. Bonus point, if the reading time is also very bad!

How much does SEO-writing cost?

We have different monthly packages including a fixed number of SEO-friendly articles ranging from 300 USD to 1500 USD to cater to all needs and ambitions.

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