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You might be surprised to see tracking implementation as a part of our strategic services, but tracking is too often overlooked in digital marketing while it’s one of the basics that will lead you to making good decisions.

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What is a tracking implementation in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing isn’t very different from traditional marketing, except for one aspect: the massive use of data. To use data effectively, you need to put pieces of code on your website, that are sometimes called trackers or tags, so that you send the information to different relevant tools.

The objective of a tracking implementation is to decide which information is relevant to track for your business or for your marketing objectives, and then to install these tags so that they share the info with various tools available (Google Tag Manager, Analytics, Google Ads, or the Facebook pixel for instance).

Who needs tracking to do digital marketing?

Tracking is absolutely mandatory to do digital marketing. Not tracking is the equivalent of crossing a road with your eyes closed, doing retail without following what you have in stock or building a business without accounting. Sure, it might work, but your chances of success are much higher when you do things properly.

So to answer the question simply, everybody needs tracking if they want to do digital marketing. The things they need to track on the other hand can be quite different from one business to another.

Why is proper tracking vital for SEO and ads?

SEO relies heavily on algorithms to bring the most relevant information on top of Google results. When you have dozens or hundreds of pages, you need to be able to compare what works and what doesn’t so that you can feed algorithms what they like and avoid spending time on things that do not work.

For Search Engine Advertising (SEA) or Social Media Marketing (SMM), the issue is exactly the same. Tracking will allow you to send the information to these algorithms. For instance, you can track people who contact you through a form, and tell Google or Facebook to optimise his algorithm towards that. Tracking is also a very powerful and mandatory tool for remarketing campaigns.

What is needed to start working on tracking?

  • What is a “success” for your business (ie: sale, new lead…)
  • The channels you will be using
  • Account for each channel (Google Ads account, Facebook Business Account, hosting / DNS for SEO etc…)
  • To start working on tracking, you need to know your milestones and available accesses:

    The usual timeframe to implement tracking

    Implementing tracking is usually quite fast in itself.

    What usually takes the most time is the creation of the different accounts that are needed in order to implement the tracking plan.

    A lead generation business with all tools at their disposal won’t need more than a few hours to implement their full tracking. So you might get your tracking set up within a few days depending on how busy we are. Things can be more complicated for e-commerce companies, but most are done within a few days as well.

    If you want to have a tracking implemented as fast as possible, make sure the following (and most popular) accounts are set up and you have access to them:
  • WordPress account
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics (GA4)
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Business Account
  • Google Search Console (or access to your DNS)
  • Having these accounts set up properly will make your tracking implementation MUCH faster!

    If you don’t have any of those, we can help you out create them but it will obviously take more time.

    What metric is used to judge the success or failure of a tracking implementation?

    The tracking implementation will be the base to have metrics for each of your digital marketing needs. So the tracking plan is the metric in a way!

    However, in our experience, a good tracking plan is one that doesn’t miss valuable information so that you are always ready for data-driven decisions.

    How much does a tracking implementation cost?

    Our tracking implementation pricing starts at 100 USD for the lead generation businesses with configured accounts they want to track.

    If you don’t have any account set up yet and would like to start on the right track, contact us.

    Do you need a tracking implementation? Contact us!

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